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iPhone 3GS#10 iPhone 3GS $199 with 2 year contract from AT&T

The iPhone 3GS is the fastest iPhone yet, boasting a 16 gigabyte storage capacity, a video recording and editing feature, a three megapixel camera and a voice control mechanic that allows you to make phone calls or request songs without navigating through the system. If she’s been craving a new phone, she’ll be thrilled with the new iPhone.

The extreme customizability of the iPhone makes it into more than just a phone. She can choose to download hundreds of unique applications to help her with anything from hobbies to work to entertainment. Applications like ZenBe Lists and AP Mobile will help her stay organized and informed.

This latest release of the iPhone incorporates a great deal of technological innovation to bring you the fastest and most efficient iPhone yet. Applications launch faster, web pages render quickly, even gaming is smoother and more advanced on this outstanding version of an already impressive product.

Video recording and editing are finally available to the iPhone user without ever connecting to a computer. With the press of a button, the iPhone is ready to record 30 FPS VGA video. Tilting the iPhone to one side allows recording of video in a landscape view. Built-in video editing software offers immense flexibility; videos can be uploaded to YouTube or an email directly from the iPhone.

The new iPhone 3GS, with its unique applications and powerful built-in features, is a great gift for her. The customization options present on the iPhone 3GS provide instant access to applications dealing with any interest she may have, making this a must-have for the woman in your life.

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